Welcome to MusicFund
MusicFund is the Web3 music community that finds, funds, & supports up-and-coming artists. Every month, MusicFund members vote to donate ETH to three rising musicians through the Community Fund. But that's not all...
Owning an NFT allows you to:
Decide who the community fund supports
Vote on the charts
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What is MusicFund?
Owning a MusicFund NFT means joining a community of music-lovers, tastemakers, and NFT enthusiasts. You'll have a say in which artists our community fund supports, gain access to exclusive MusicFund events & giveaways, and contribute to helping change the traditional funding models of the music industry.
How do I mint a MusicFund NFT?
1. Create a MetaMask Wallet
For step by step instructions on setting up a Metamask wallet, visit

2. Get Mint Access
You must get your Metamask wallet address added to the presale access list in order to mint a MusicFund NFT. You can gain access by getting a current MusicFund NFT holder to invite you from their profile page, or reaching out to our team on Discord or Twitter.

3. Mint your NFT
Go to to mint your NFT. This will cost 0.04 ETH in addition to the price of gas fees. Not familiar with Ethereum gas? Check out this article for an explainer. As the price of gas is variable, we recommend having extra ETH to be safe.
Who can I nominate for the fund?
You can nominate any artist you'd like, we just ask that you can get in touch with them. We will do our best to get in touch with all nominated artists, but if we can't they'll be excluded from the grant, so it's best if you've talked to them first or can easily do so if needed. Also, ideally the grants to be as impactful as possible, so we recommend nominating artists with significant label backing.
Who is in MusicFund?
MusicFund is made up of music industry executives, future Grammy winners, bedroom producers, tastemakers, and music enthusiasts alike from all over the world.
What do the artists get?
The three nominated artists with the most votes at the end of each month will receive 0.6 ETH, 0.25 ETH, and 0.15 ETH for first, second, and third place respectively.
Why do I need to get invited by a member to mint an NFT?
We want to make sure that MusicFund NFT owners are committed to the community and aren't simply buying to flip them.
Will I have a say in what MusicFund looks like going forward?
Absolutely. We've already implemented lots of feedback we've gotten from members, from community nominations to Audius integrations. The team here at MusicFund is dedicated to making the MusicFund experience what the community wants.
Can't find an answer to your question here? Join our Discord and ask one of the admins for help.