Community Fund - Lineup #2
The community fund provides grants to up-and-coming artists.
Our second grant of 1 ETH was split into 0.6/0.25/0.15 ETH.
Lineup curated by Before the Data
Voting ended
November 5
Kevin George
Kevin George is here for the long haul. He wants to make timeless music, and inspire as many people as he can on the way there. He has dreams of becoming a diamond-selling act, and... more
Rarely does modern music earn the badge ‘timeless’, but singer-writer-producer BEL cuts through the noise. Hailing from the small town of Clovis, California (where her four older s... more
Japanese-American singer-songwriter-producer Tanisako (birth name Ethan Rupp) is here to raise the bar in alt-pop. Equally inspired by powerhouse singers (Aretha Franklin, Otis Red... more
Before the Data
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