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KOAD's musical journey began at thirteen with a beat-pad, using YouTube to learn production and immerse himself in the musical worlds of passionate and creative artists, from James Brown to Bruce Springsteen, Tyler the Creator to Kendrick Lamar. The 19-year-old rapper, singer, songwriter and producer is an uncontainable and frenetic creative force with ideas and energy seeping at his seams that latch onto any and all mediums that he comes across. 

His debut song, pots n’ pans was the first leap into his exploratory concept mixtape Treehouse. The single was produced by Grammy winner Rahki (Kendrick Lamar) with additional songwriting from KUCKA (ASAP Rocky, Flume), both of whom’s musical perspectives proved invaluable to KOAD’s creative process.

The track garnered co-signs from Raveena, Merlyn Wood of BROCKHAMPTON, and Alex Tumay among others. He followed it up with jaunty—a powerhouse track” (AltPress) and an all-out celebration of his Indian heritage, the genre-defying single was born from a rock sample by singer/songwriter James Talley and layered with Indian tablas and Gen-Z flair. The music video, featuring an 8-piece South Asian Bhangra dance sequence, garnered over 1 million views across YouTube and reached #2 on Spotify’s anti-pop playlist upon release.

KOAD is gearing up for his next major single, enuff, which will be his first time collaborating with three of hip-hop’s most exciting newcomers, and a cornerstone of his debut project ‘Treehouse’